Workshops and Presentations

Workshops previously offered through Women Writing for (a) Change, Bloomington.

Core Semester-Long Circle: 16-week offering through Women Writing for (a) Change, Bloomington. Writing Circles are designed to provide a safe and supportive space for women who want to explore their writing voice. Participants are encourage to tell their stories in whatever written form they wish to pursue, whether it is fiction, poetry, journal, essay or drama. No previous experience required.

Journaling in the New Year: Designed for the avid journaler, occasional dabbler, or those who have never considered journaling until now, this half-day workshop offers practical advice, tools, and inspiration that will have you filling the page. Using creative prompts, tried and true techniques, and sharing in a safe and supportive environment, see how your journal can serve as a tool for self-directed change, a boost to creativity, or simply a witness to your own thoughts, feelings, hopes and desires.

Using Our Word to Heal: Drawing from the work of noted authors and researchers James Pennebaker (Write to Heal), Louise DeSalvo (Writing as Way of Healing), Kay Adams (Write Way to Wellness), and others, this six-week series explores how narrating our experiences can be a doorway to transformation.  Within the safety created by the writing circle itself, and with gently guided exercises, free writes, small group exchange and the sharing of words, you will be invited and encouraged to put words to your experiences.

Other Presentations

Writing to Heal: 2-hour presentation through IU Health Bloomington Hospice

“…our own wounds can be vehicles for exploring our essential nature, revealing the deepest textures of our heart and soul, if we only sit with them.”

John Muller, Legacy of the Heart

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